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About Time’ reminds us to use it wisely

《时空恋旅人》:真爱穿梭之旅If time travel were possible, what would you do选修 Visit a deceased family member选修 Correct past mistakes选修 Perhaps even change history a little bit选修若何可以穿梭,你会做些甚么?探望已故的家人?纠正过来的错误?或者是旋转一下汗青?Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), the protagonist in the new romantic comedy About Time, uses his ability to travel back in time to find the love of his life.最新浪漫悲剧《时空恋旅人》的副角蒂姆·雷克(多姆纳尔·格里森饰)就运用光阴穿越的奇异功能回到过来,寻找终生一生没世所爱。The element of time travel in romantic dramas is certainly not new. Movies such as Kate & Leopold (2001), The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) and Midnight in Paris (2011) are all based on premises taken right out of sci-fi fantasy. Only these films, in spirit, aren’t science-fiction — they’re closer to sweet fables of destiny.


About Time is also a film in that tradition. Tim comes from a nice, comfortable British family, and he has no serious worries, except for his luck with women. On his 21st birthday, his father (Bill Nighy) reveals a major secret: The men in their family have the ability to go back in time.《时空恋旅人》也继续了这一老例。蒂姆来自一个温暖优裕的英国度庭,尽量生产无牵无挂,然则恋爱方面却始终没有行运。21岁诞辰那天,父亲(比尔·奈伊 饰)讲述他一个天小的奇奥:他们家眷的男子汉大丈夫存在穿梭时空、回到过来的威力。Soon, Tim gets his chance to work on the romance issue when he meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) in a restaurant. He “re-meets” her, perfecting their “chance” encounter. They fall in love, marry and have children.

很快,蒂姆正在一家餐馆重逢了玛丽(瑞秋·麦克亚当斯 饰),他终于无机会来塑造自身的恋爱故事了。他穿越时空回到过来,与玛丽再次邂逅,发现出了一次完美重逢。他们双双坠入爱河,成亲生子。

It may sound cliched, but About Time has more than romance and comedy on its mind. “What keeps it from straying into cloying sitcom turf is the presence of real-life problems and issues, and the comforting and humorous manner in which director Richard Curtis tackles love, sorrow and death,” Claudia Puig writes in a review for USA Today.尽量剧情听起来可能有些老套,然则《时空恋旅人》并不是只是一部恋爱悲剧。克劳迪娅·普伊格正在《即日美国》中评论道:“ 该片之以是并未落入气象悲剧的俗套,一则是由于片中再现了一些实践生产中的问题,两来是因为导演理查德·柯蒂斯正在处置恋爱、消极与长逝等桥段时利用的治愈系滑稽手法。”To Curtis’ credit, the acclaimed screenwriter (Notting Hill) and director (Love Actually) finds a convincing mix in About Time, making the film feel grounded and authentic. “Time passes, Tim matures, his relationship stabilizes, and the film turns its focus to the whole of life, to other facets of love,” an NPR review says.该片之以是小获顺遂,天然也少没有了柯蒂斯的功勋。正在这位广受惩处的编剧(作品有《诺丁山》)兼导演(作品有《真爱至上》)的执导下,影片《时空恋旅人》的情节使人佩服。美国国度民众电台评论道:“跟着光阴流逝,蒂姆逐渐成熟,恋情也不乱下来,该片着意于人的终生一生没世和恋爱的其他正面。”While time travel may give Tim the unique ability to go back and help friends and family in their struggles, Curtis also explores the limits of this gift — or, according to The New York Times’ review, “the inevitability of life’s end”, which gives the story more emotional weight.当然蒂姆领有了穿梭时空、回到过来的奇奥威力,他可以或许帮手配头以及家人解脱逆境,但导演柯蒂斯正在片子中也探讨了这类超威力的局限性——即《纽约时报》影评中所说起的“人固有一死”,这为该片增多了一丝伤感。“About Time is about time,” the article says. “It asks us to reflect on how we all use that resource, how the hours and minutes that make up a day or a life align with our intentions and values.”《纽约时报》正在该篇文章中评论道:“《时空恋旅人》告诉的是一个时间的故事。让咱们反思若何去利用光阴,若何将性命中的每一一天、每个分分秒秒同咱们的方针与价钱不雅观支解起来。”



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